A Full Dosage of Solutions

We don’t just feel your pain, we make it go away. As your allies, our board-certified MDAs and CRNAs focus on what matters most: your patients, your people, and your profitability.  Together, we’ll develop a solution that best fits your facility or practice.

Who We Serve

AANW has been providing comprehensive surgical and obstetric anesthesia services via MDA and/or CRNA models at hospitals, surgery centers, and clinics in the Willamette Valley and surrounding Pacific Northwest communities. Our focus on comprehensive, fiscally efficient anesthesia services of exceptional quality and safety has earned us a reputation for being leaders and innovators in the field of anesthesia management. 

Whether your facility is seeking a no-hassle turnkey solution or individual à la carte services, we have the expertise and range of services to fill in any gaps. We take the time to learn about your goals and requirements because, in our book, we haven’t succeeded until your metrics — like the quality of care, patient satisfaction, and OR efficiency — are met or exceeded.

  • Recruitment, organization, and ongoing management of permanent anesthesia care teams consisting of board-certified anesthesiologists and CRNAs.
  • House-wide anesthesia support services include radiology, ICU, ER, angiography, endoscopy, and patient wards.
  • Optimized throughput plus reduced OR turnover times.

At AANW, we understand the challenges rural, and community hospitals face daily. Our extensive track record with these facilities has proven that we’re flexible, accommodating, and receptive to innovative fiscal, operational, and clinical requests. You’ll receive the same services we offer major urban hospitals and surgery centers — customized to meet your needs. When you win, we win.

  • Safe, high-quality care that improves patient and surgeon satisfaction alike.
  • Staffing models that are innovative, collaborative, and budget-friendly.
  • Remote telemedicine consultations with board-certified anesthesiologists.

Don’t let your patients’ fear of pain put them at risk for undetected colon cancer. We can partner with you to ease your patients’ minds and improve their endoscopy experience, increase your revenue, and keep your satisfaction scores soaring.

  • Increased throughput and overall efficiency.
  • Freedom for endoscopists to focus on procedures in an optimized environment.
  • Reduced patient anxiety and increased patient compliance for follow-up.

Our board-certified specialists have a deep understanding of maternal-fetal physiology, plus years of experience managing anesthetics for the normal-to-high-risk obstetric population. Together, we can improve critical decision-making outcomes for maternal and newborn well-being, and deliver timely epidurals.

  • On-call and 24/7 coverage that enhances not only the quality and safety of in-house care but also patient and surgeon satisfaction.
  • Expertise with hospital infrastructure, leadership teams, and project committees.
  • Cost containment and subsidy reduction.

Satisfaction Delivered

For more than two decades, we’ve been restoring health to ailing anesthesia departments and injecting new life into local practices with best-in-class anesthesia services. Our board-certified anesthesiologists and CRNAs are aces at safety, efficiency, satisfaction, and lightening the load of all parties involved.

Regional Industry Leaders

AANW is the largest employer of CRNAs in the state of Oregon. We have been industry leaders in the management of collaborative anesthesia models in the region for two decades and advocate for the care team approach as the foundation for addressing the many challenges related ever-changing landscape of medicine and anesthesia. Our geographic proximity, significant local resources, and direct experience providing service throughout the Pacific Northwest allow for responsive and efficient management of anesthesia services. 

Innovative Care Model

We’re advocates for the integration of anesthesia professionals into a single cohesive clinical care team. We consider our surgeons, clinical staff, and facility administration as not only clients but as integral members of our team that is experienced with the complexity of inpatient surgical care and management of the fast-paced environment.

In addition, we promote an interdisciplinary approach to patient care that is based on strong collaboration among anesthesiologists (“MDAs”) and certified registered nurse anesthetists (“CRNAs”). We pride ourselves on being industry innovators in the field of anesthesia management. We bring a progressive approach and state-of-the-art patient care model to our clients and patients.

Reliable Staffing & Recruitment

AANW has a proven history and ability to efficiently recruit and select collaborative and clinically competent board-certified anesthesiologists and certified registered nurse anesthetists.  We currently provide anesthesia care to thirty-seven free-standing hospitals and ASCs. Each year, we provide anesthesia for more than 45,000 patients ranging from high acuity in-patient surgery to outpatient GI endoscopy.

From Our Partners
"Partnering with AANW was absolutely the right choice for our hospital. Our surgeons have found the CRNA's from AANW to be highly qualified, efficient, professional and a pleasure to work with. Our needs have been addressed in a timely and very organized manner and their commitment to provide our patients with the highest level of quality care is second to none. We are extremely appreciative of our relationship and would recommend AANW without hesitation."
Aurora Ronning
Director of Physician Services

Learn About AANW

AANW has been forming strategic alliances with hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, and office-based practices for over two decades. With the ever-changing healthcare climate, our vision has always been to operate ahead of the curve while providing our partners with high-quality, cost-effective anesthesia.

Our Approach

AANW was founded in 2004 to provide comprehensive, fiscally efficient anesthesia services of exceptional quality and safety. Through highly collaborative alliances with facilities, administration, and surgeons, we’ve built an organization that’s dedicated to clinical excellence.