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For prompt customer service or questions regarding your bill or about the information provided here, please contact our billing department directly.

Coronis Health
Formerly Anesthesia Business Consultants
[email protected]

If you are unable to reach Coronis Health, or have additional questions about your bill, please contact our administrative team at 503-594-1774

To see an up to date list of participating insurance providers, please click here.

We offer three convenient ways to pay your bill. You can pay your bill online, over the phone or by mail. Click here for more information.

In accordance with the federal No Surprises Act (NSA), you are entitled to a “Good Faith Estimate” of your bill for medical items and services if you are not using health insurance. To request an estimate please click here.

Learn more about the federal No Surprises Act here.

Please call our estimating team at 503-372-2782 during normal operating hours (8:00 AM to 4:30 PM Pacific Time). They will review your bill and determine the reason for the difference. Depending on the reason, you can ask us to update the bill, ask about setting up a payment arrangement, or ask if there is financial assistance available.

It depends on the Anesthesia group. You should contact the Customer Service Department at 877-222-4217 to be advised if your group does provide financial assistance.

You must contact the facility where the procedure was held or your primary care physician to obtain your medical records.

To obtain billing records, please call 503-372-2782 during operating hours (8:00 AM to 4:30 PM Pacific Time)

Anesthesiologists bill separately from the hospital.

Sometimes the anesthesiologist can obtain this information from hospital, however, many times the doctor is called to another facility and the information is not taken. It is for your protection that the hospitals not give out your information to random callers; there is a place provided on the back your bill for insurance information which can be mailed, faxed or e-mail to your anesthesia group/provider.

It can take up to 30 days for your payment to post to your account. The statement cycle probably crossed in the mail. If you provide the check number, check date, payment amount and date it cleared your bank we can trace your payment to ensure it posts to your account.

You must have the account number in order to access your account information. Account numbers are 8 digits long and can be located in the yellow box on the top right-hand side of your statement.

It could be an issue where we are not contracted with your insurance company, but the only way to be clear is for us to review your EOB.

The anesthesia group is a separate entity from the facility, and therefore, participation with insurance payors may be different than the insurance payors the facility is participating with.

That is something that you would have to discuss with your insurance company. We are billing what the insurance company has advised based on your insurance policy.

To obtain billing records, please call 503-372-2782 during operating hours (8:00 AM to 4:30 PM Pacific Time)