Anesthesia Made Painlessly Simple

How do you keep everyone happy? Easy. Since 2005, Anesthesia Associates Northwest (AANW) has partnered with facility administrators and surgeons to provide cost-effective patient care and management support services.

We Drive, You Thrive

In the skilled hands of AANW, your business prognosis has never looked better. Our flexible, mixed-model staffing approach adapts to your immediate needs and pairs you with board-certified anesthesiologists and CRNAs who are experts when it comes to safety, efficiency, and satisfaction.

Our Approach​

We understand your challenges are not limited to building a department; successful implementation is much more than committing available providers to a staffing problem. It’s our commitment to provide regional and local leadership to collaborate with you and your team so that together we can create an anesthesia service model that meets the unique needs of your particular facility.

Commitment to Clients & Community

We place significant emphasis on client service in our organization. Our leadership and clinicians recognize that providing anesthesia is service and relationship-driven. We provide an unyielding service-focused anesthesia model 24 hours a day and strive to be adaptive, innovative, and flexible— all while continuously seeking to exceed expectations. 

As part of this commitment to our clients and our Northwest communities, AANW participates in charitable initiatives sponsored by our faith-based, non-profit partners and regularly supports humanitarian and faith-based medical missions on behalf of our clinicians and administrative staff.

Effortless Change Management

Expert change management is an integral component of our anesthesia services. We appreciate the fundamental importance of a smooth transition from the perspectives of patient care, customer service, and fiscal/operational performance. This is especially true when transitioning to a care team model from an all-MDA model.

We bring numerous years of experience forming alliances with Center leadership and staff, working collaboratively to create a seamless transition that mitigates hardship and causes the least disruption.

Perioperative Collaboration & Communication

We recognize that anesthesia professionals are “guests” within our client hospitals. Consequently, our role is to collaborate with the surgeons, facility administration, and clinical staff, beginning with the nurse managers and OR staff. In addition, it is our job as anesthesia professionals to be flexible and meet the individual clinical needs of each surgeon and their patients.

All AANW anesthesia providers play a central role in the perioperative time-out and debriefing process in collaboration with the surgical team. During this pause, it is our responsibility to voice and address any concerns related to the surgical and anesthesia care of the patient. 

End-to-End Patient Satisfaction

Customer service excellence is the most effective means of promoting the image of the hospital and anesthesia service. In the interest of maintaining positive relationships, AANW routinely confers with our client staff and administrators on an ongoing basis to assess their satisfaction with our service.

A routine review of customer satisfaction will provide valuable and beneficial perspectives and the basis for constructive dialogue between the anesthesia department, hospital leadership, attending medical staff, nursing, and ancillary care services.

Patient Experience & Wellbeing

As anesthesia professionals, we play an important role in mitigating postoperative nausea and vomiting, optimizing the ASC experience for all patients. All of our patient care initiatives are performed cost-effectively with the highest level of patient satisfaction as the objective. 

All our AANW providers carefully evaluate patients and utilize the latest best practices to ensure discomfort and mitigate postoperative pain management.

From Our Partners
"Partnering with AANW was absolutely the right choice for our hospital. Our surgeons have found the CRNA's from AANW to be highly qualified, efficient, professional and a pleasure to work with. Our needs have been addressed in a timely and very organized manner and their commitment to provide our patients with the highest level of quality care is second to none. We are extremely appreciative of our relationship and would recommend AANW without hesitation."
Aurora Ronning
Director of Physician Services

Careers at AANW

Anesthesia Associates Northwest (AANW) has been forming strategic alliances with hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, and office-based practices for over two decades. With the ever-changing healthcare climate, our vision has always been to operate ahead of the curve while providing our partners with high-quality, cost-effective anesthesia.

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Our hassle-free anesthesia services and outstanding client service keep your cases flowing and your satisfaction numbers soaring. We have more than two decades of experience mastering the political, financial, and clinical challenges that come with the territory – which means kudos for your facility or practice from the people who matter most: your patients, surgical staff, and administrators.