About Us

Satisfaction, delivered.

Our founders, Shawn DeRemer, MD, and Gregg White, CRNA – two astute clinicians and experts in the business of medicine – have a sixth sense for consensus building and a passion for excellence. Their values are infused into everything we do.

For more than a decade we’ve been restoring health to ailing anesthesia departments and injecting new life into local practices with best-in-class anesthesia services. Our board-certified anesthesiologists and CRNAs are aces at safety, efficiency, satisfaction and lightening the load of all parties involved.

We’re not shy about our reputation. Patients, administrators and surgeons agree: we’re easy to work with, our clinical expertise is unmatched and we’re masterminds at staffing and management. Bottom line: we’re the best in the industry.

Our People
  • Shawn DeRemer, MD President, Founder
    Shawn DeRemer, MD

    Ever wonder why AANW has such a vibrant culture of customer service excellence? It all starts with Dr. Shawn DeRemer. He’s the charismatic leader, the hard-working, passionate champion people want to follow. He grew up with a “work hard, play hard” mentality, values which have helped him build an organization that’s less about corporate rhetoric and more about the AANW family. His entrepreneurial spirit guides AANW as it grows and expands from a powerful Pacific Northwest anesthesia force into a strong national presence.

  • Gregg White, MS, CRNA CEO, Co-Founder
    Gregg White, MS, CRNA

    Before he entered the anesthesia field, Gregg White was a successful entrepreneur. His experience as a hands-on leader and a savvy businessman gives him the unique perspective of both medicine and the bottom line. He began his career in anesthesia as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist in a busy trauma center where, over the course of several years, he’ll tell you he learned the business end of anesthesia in “the school of hard knocks”. Growing up on a horse ranch in Western Oregon, he’s still an avid outdoorsman. He says he’s a fisherman who happens to love math, running, and spending time on the golf course. He’s busy saving so his kids will have a college education, but jokes, “As soon as they are all educated, I’m going fishing!”

  • Molly DeMarie, PHR HR Director and Compliance Officer
    Molly DeMarie, PHR

    As the daughter of a doctor and a teacher, it’s no surprise that Molly is a giver; her heart for service is evident in everything she does. As the head of HR and compliance, she minds the company’s regulatory Ps and Qs and oversees credentialing and onboarding of new staff. Molly says her degree in biology taught her how much small things matter. She says “no job is too big or too small for me,” and believes in giving her all because “you might as well get it done and do it right!” She’s a traveler, a world-class gift giver, dog lover, and enjoys frequent science pub lectures. She thinks it’s amazing what you can learn over a plate of nachos.

  • John Perry Business Development
    John Perry

    Got an unsolvable problem? John Perry is your man. He’s a rare breed – a force of nature, an innovator and an early adopter who believes excellence is an ongoing journey. His early days in the Armed Forces combined with years as an IT professional taught him how to translate ideas into reality, so he regularly implements sustainable systems that make growth and client success possible at AANW.  By the age of 10, John had traveled in Europe, Asia and Africa, so, as he says, “The adventure of experiencing new things gives one a different outlook on life.” He loves a new challenge, and knows the only constant is change, which is why he’s so effective managing AANW’s strategic alliances, marketing efforts, and new business development.

  • Trish Chavez Business Manager
    Trish Chavez

    A champion multi-tasker and problem solver, Trish manages finances, payroll and much more for AANW. With a decade of experience in healthcare management and more than 20 years in office administration, she has the chops to support and grow the leading anesthesia firm in the industry. One of Trish’s many career highlights prior to AANW was her role as a casino General Manager (the only female GM in the country), where she wrote grants and worked with Indian Health Services to coordinate a medical clinic on the reservation (she helped start up a school and training program as well). With a passion for service at AANW, she’s deeply involved with the local community as both the face of AANW and the liaison for AANW community outreach. Trish is a big fan of continued education,as she believes remaining curious and loving learning is vital to a vibrant and interesting life.

  • Kelty Christman Accounts Administrator
    Kelty Christman

    When you call AANW, be prepared: it may be the highlight of your day. Especially if you get Kelty –she’s famous for being helpful, even if the person on the other end of the phone dialed the wrong number. She’s the friendly face who assists in all things finance, who has the heart of a customer service pro, with the mind of an accountant – she holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and Business Administration from Warner Pacific College. Prior to joining AANW, Kelty worked for the State of Oregon and an accounting firm. Growing up on the island of Guam gave her a love for travel and the ocean, and as a kid you could find her stomping around in the jungle, barefoot, building forts and picking coconuts and mangoes. Besides being a maker and creator (sewing, cooking, baking sweets, you name it), Kelty also holds a QuickBooks certification and is a notary for the State of Oregon.

  • Lee Dorfman, DO
    Lee Dorfman, DO

    As a board certified anesthesiologist, Lee is most conscious of the process and how it affects patients, administrators, and surgeons alike. He’s a team player who appreciates the flexibility and business structure that comes from working with AANW. When he’s not OR-deep administering general anesthesia, he’s with family or out drumming.

  • James Nelson, MSN, MHA, CRNA Regional Chief
    James Nelson, MSN, MHA, CRNA

    Holding both a Masters in Nurse Anesthesia and a Masters in Healthcare Administration, James is a passionate champion for the people he works with (patients, co-workers, and surgeons) as well as for the process that makes it possible. Serving as Chief Anesthetist at a Portland hospital and managing the anesthesia department of another in the Gorge, Jim’s practical in-the-field experience allows him to effectively streamline the workflow and manage his teams, all while keeping patient health his top priority. When not running between hospitals, he enjoys metalworking and traveling with his family.

  • Brian Sheufelt, MS, CRNA Regional Chief
    Brian Sheufelt, MS, CRNA

    Brian helps build consistency into the AANW service offerings by training providers in practice standards. He works hard, takes care of people, and makes sure outcomes are favorable for everyone involved. It’s a philosophy he lives by during his off hours as an Army Reservist and a Team Rubicon member as well. Doing the job right is a service not just to patients, but to everyone he comes into contact with, whether he’s in scrubs, in uniform, or hiking through the Gorge.

  • Craig Kleiv, MS, CRNA Regional Chief
    Craig Kleiv, MS, CRNA

    As a clinician who understands that anesthesia customers are not just patients, but surgeons, facility staff, and hospital administrators as well, Craig is a perfect fit for AANW. He is credentialed to practice at all the facilities where he manages staffing and client relations, from GI endoscopy facilities and outpatient surgery centers, to critical access hospitals. His boots-on-the-ground perspective allows him to approach our diverse clients with solutions that are practical, informed, and best for facilities and patients.

  • Marilyn Hashimoto, DNAP, CRNA, MBA Regional Chief
    Marilyn Hashimoto, DNAP, CRNA, MBA

    With both a Doctorate in Nurse Anesthesia Practice and a Masters of Business Administration in Healthcare Administration, Marilyn is uniquely suited to both administration and clinical practice at each of her facilities. This hands-on approach allows her to work well with hospital administration on operational workflow for the anesthesia department, and improve quality and safety for patient care. A Portland native, she loves the outdoors and lives by the motto: Wake up with determination, and end each day with satisfaction.